where to buy mobiles at cheapest price?

Mobiles Phones,It's became a very popular name among the whole world But now Both Cheapest & Expensive/Costly phones are also available in the Market. Many of the people can afford costly mobiles but This condition is very Rare in almost Every country.

Everyone wants the Cheapest & best mobiles/Devices."Cheapest & best mobile" are those phones which have good or better specifications in low price.
As all know that in the Market there are two types of mobile phones available:-
1st:-Cheap Price
As we all know apple is the expensive Flagship iPhone but Do you know :


There Are various place to buy new & genuine smartphones,Like:-
🔻Online Market. Ex:-Amazon, Flipkart etc.
🔻Offline Market
🔻Purchasing a Second Hand Devices from your neighbours,Friends or from others.
Now,The final Question is,"where to buy mobiles at cheapest price"?

Answer of this Question is not only A single Answer. You can purchase a phone in offline by saying Retailers to give you some discounts.
But,You can purchase a phone through online ,There you will get cheap price compared to offline market.
Now,"opportunities to buy phones in Cheapest price"
🔻Online Sales
🔻 Offline sales
🔻Online Festive Sales
🔻Offline Festive Sales
 But,The final Answer is "You should Buy Mobile phones throung Online market because it's will cost you cheap compared to offline market.
Some Suggestions of Cheapest & best Phones below:-
🔻Micromax Spark Go:-
🔴ROM:-8GB(Expandable upto 32 GB)
🔴12.7cm(5inch) Display
🔴2000mAh 🔋
🔴SC9832E processor.
You can Directly Purchase From the link given Below:-
🔻Redmi Go:-

🔻 Specifications:-

  • Processor & Memory. 1GB+8GB / 1GB+16GB.
  •  Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 425 Processor. ...
  • Battery. 3000mAh (typ) Non-removable. ...
  • Dimensions. Height : 140.4mm. Width : 70.1mm. ...
  • Display. 5" HD screen display. 16:9 large display. ...
  • Camera. 8MP rear Camera

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