What is Share Market?How to Invest?[2020]

Hello friends, today we will talk about what is Share Market? And with this, we will know how the share market is invested (How to invest in Share market)? Today everyone wants to earn more and more money and even why not. If there is money nearby, then the society will get Reputation, will have a good house, will have a good car and will also have a good life style.
What are stocks? And what is a Stock Market? | Trade Brains 
Many people are people who say that not everything is done with money. But there is no work that can be done without money. In today's time, you can earn money by doing a job, but these money can only fulfill the needs, if dreams are to be fulfilled. So for this, along with the job, you will have to do business business and invest money in Bitcoin, e-Marketing, Share Market.
It is not easy to start business from this, because with this money there are proper business plans, team & business registration and all kinds of problems. More people in India do not spend on bitcoin, e-marketing takes more time to earn money. But Share Market is such a platform from which only a lot of money can be earned by making direct investments in some time.

But Share Market is very risky and we talk in detail about Share Market In Hindi here, what is the stock market? And when and how to buy Share.
Share Market is a market which is also known as Stock Market. Here all the well-known companies are listed and their shares are shared and sold and bought in the share market. The way to invest money in the Share Market is called Trading.

In Share Market, any person can buy or sell shares of any company and can earn money according to its price. If a person does a Share Buy of a company, then that person becomes a shareholder of that company and he gets involved with that company Profit & Loss.
If that company is profit, then the price increase of its shares. Due to this, the person who buys the shares of that company from the share market has double profit and if the company is lost due to any reason, then the person has to lose money.

Take time, Share Market or Stock Market in Hindi is a kind of gambling game. If you buy the share of the right company, then it will become profitable and if you buy the share of the wrong company, then all the money will go into the water. Because Share Market keeps on going up and down.
When is the right time to buy company Share?
 Little information has been found about this. This is a Risky Marketing Or Investment Strategy and not everyone can invest in the Share Market.

Investment in Share Market (How to invest in Share Market)? To do this, it is necessary to get a lot of information. Because without good preparation, you cannot buy shares of any company without trading marketing strategy. If a person invests money in the Share Market or Stock Market without getting the right information about Trading, then he has a chance of loss of 90%.

With this, the inclination of people towards share market or any investment plan is increasing very fast for the last few years. In such a situation, Fake trading agent or investment agents live in the same circle to find such a person. Which he could get caught up in his affair by telling the plan of the share market and could be happy about his money.

So whenever you think of investing money in the Share Market, be sure to consider some things,

  •          First of all know what is Share Market? And how to do trading in it.
  •  ·         Investing money in share market is very risky work, so whichever company shares you want to buy. Get complete information about that company.
  •  ·         Do not invest more money in the share market in the shape of greed and invest in the stock market only when your Finacial Status is good and if your money goes into Loss then you do not have any problem.

Before buying the share of any company, get a good information about that company. Only after receiving complete information, bought Share.
To buy shares of any company, there should be a demat account or dematerialized account and there are two ways to create a demat account,

A Demat Account is a bank account or homepage of the Share Market, where you have to deposit money to buy Share and almost all the corporate banks provide Demat Account. The first way is to open a Demat Account from where to buy Share from Share Market (invest in Share Market in Hindi).
The second way is Broker i.e. Share Market agent, we can open a Demat Account with the help of a Broker. If you are investing in the share market for the first time, then this method is more right.
Note: Only those whose age is above 18 years can invest in the Share Market and Saving Bank Accoun to open a Demat Account.

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